Ward Edwards Hockey League Rules

May The Best Man Score (Repeatedly) !!

Table of Contents

0.0   The Rules

These rules are for the 2019-2020 Ward Edwards rotisserie hockey league. This pool costs $50 per team plus a website fee (if any - see Rule 4.2) to play, to be paid to the Commissioner in cash on draft day (with no exceptions). There are to be a maximum of 10 teams (unless more are approved by the existing owners), each led by one or two "coaches" or owners. Please note that these rules have been amended and updated from previous years' rules, so please keep your copy of this manual for reference purposes (changes have been background highlighted in the electronic version, although some updates may have been missed. The following rules will hold for this pool year and every following pool year, unless changed on draft day by a motion supported by at least 66% of the teams. [Back to the top

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